After loving God and loving others, the next step of our faith walk toward spiritual maturity is learning about Jesus through God’s Word, The Holy Bible. Jesus said,

”Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” (Matthew 11:29). 

At Valley Forge, we give you many options and opportunities to connect with people and learn God’s Word through the following Classes (Small Groups) and Life Groups ...

At Valley Forge, we offer 14 classes or small groups with one theme … Jesus!    Each class meets for Sunday School (9:45am).  The Cradle Roll through 20 Somethings meet each Wednesday (7:00pm).  

    Target :  Birth—24 months
    Location : “The Ark” - Room 108 Summary :  Baby beds, rocking chairs, toys, and TLC for our infants under 2 years old.  Registration required and pagers by request.

    Target:  2 & 3 year olds
    Location: “The Ark” - Room 109
    Summary:  Toddlers start learning about Jesus in an inter-active environment.  Registration required and pagers by request.

    Target:  4 years old —Kindergarten
    Location: “The Ark” - Room 110
    Summary:  Focused on teaching and training children the importance of serving God and memorizing scriptures.

    Target:  1st & 2nd grade
    Location: Room 117
    Summary:  Students study Bible stories and enjoy fun activities & trip.  The goal is for each student to learn the Books of the Bible and 10 Commandments.   This class has several activities during the year and participates in two of the 4th Sunday Youth Night each year to share what they have learned.

    Target:  3rd & 4th grade 
    Location: Room 115
    Summary:  This adventurous group travels through the Bible learning how to live today from the lives of Bible characters.  This group enjoys several fun activities and even some challenging adventures.

  • A.T.T.I.C. 56 :
    Target:  5th & 6th grade
    Location: Room  112
    Summary:  ATTIC 56 is an acronym for “Always Together Trusting In Christ” 5th & 6th grade, which is also the  class motto.  Their mascot is “F.R.O.G.” (fully relying on God).   They also sponsor the annual A.T.T.I.C. 56  Prayer-A –Thon praying all night for hundreds of requests.

    Target:  7th & 8th grade
    Location:  Room 119
    Summary:  The Junior High’s are a very lively and energetic group enjoying learning and fellowship throughout the year.  They lead the annual Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox drive and gathered 601 shoeboxes for needy children around the world in 2009.

    Target:  9th—12th grade (High School)
    Location: Room 120
    Summary:  As their name implies, this group of High School students is extremely active.  In addition to active in discipleship and learning, they have numerous activities and events each year.   The ACTS participate in summer mission trips with previous destinations including New York City (2004, 2005, 2009) , Philadelphia (2006), North Carolina (2007), Georgia (2008), South Carolina (2009), and Washington, DC (2010).   They also participate in several local ministries in the area. 

    Target:  High School graduates & beyond 
    Location:  Room 106
    Summary:  This group is for young adults out of High School (college/career-age).  This is a very strong group of young, energetic Christians who defy the odds of staying in Church and help lead our youth group by example.  They are involved in ministries from here in our community to the world (Mexico 2008, New York City 2009) and conduct several small group Bible studies throughout the year. 
    Target:  Adult Couples & Singles
    Location: Room 122 
    Summary:  This class has a very active prayer time & Bible lessons for practical Christian living.  One class member summarized CIA by saying, “It’s where we come together with our friends; that we laugh with and rejoice with.  This class is more than simply friends … this class is family!”
    Target:  Adult Couples & Singles
    Location:  Room 107
    Summary:  This group is known for their willingness to volunteers and coordinate events for the entire Church.   They learn to serve through Biblical principles on being united in service to the Church, the community, and God.  Some of our most recent “service” projects include an Ice Cream Social, Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Ride, Family Movie Night, Kid’s Fishing Day, Wednesday Night Supper, and the distribution of Christmas & Easter buttons to the entire Church. 
    Target:  Ladies of all ages
    Location: Room 123
    Summary:  As their name implies, this group of very energetic and youthful ladies enjoy many activities including annual trips, dinners, & service projects including a “Lap Robe” ministry and “Christmas in July” at local Nursing Homes.  They have a very special unity and enjoy learning and lending together.
    Target:  Men of all ages
    Location:  Room 113
    Summary:  This group of men enjoy studying God’s Word together and are involved in various service projects at Church & in our community.  Since 1967, they have coordinated a monthly Men’s Fellowship Supper for men in the Church and community. 
    Target:  Adults of all ages
    Location: Sanctuary  
    Summary:  This class is a “catch all” for those who don’t go to the lower level for classes.  Their in-depth Bible studies for men and women get them ready for the worship services and for a daily walk with Christ!


Chart - Sunday School Classes

Chart - CTS Classes




    Ministry and support for our married couples through counseling, classes, and retreats.  (Photo)
  • MEN
    Our men’s ministry is very active with monthly Men’s Fellowship Suppers (since 1967), bicycle rides, golf and horseshoe tournaments, and a “men-istry” team of volunteers who assist with Church and community needs.
    Ministry and support for our parents and grandparents through counseling, classes, and Parent Camp.   This group also anchors our IMPACT Youth Volunteers.  (Photo)
    Our senior citizens have many opportunities for fellowship with dinners, trips, and being “Titus” leaders to our Church.  They also lead the monthly Angel Food Ministry in partnership with First Christian Church of Elizabethton.  (Photo)
    We have many Christian singles and plan to build a Singles Life Group in 2010.
    Our ladies fellowship through the weekly Women’s Ministry Bible Study which is open to ladies in the church and community.  This group also ministers in our local Nursing Homes with lap robes, skits, and gifts.
    The Impact Youth program is a extremely active and dedicated youth and volunteers.  They have so many things going on, they have their own website linked to the Church at www.valleyforgeyouth.com