Coronavirus Updates

April 1

Our local and state officials have directed us all to follow “safer at home” practices where we stay at home unless it is absolutely essential and necessary. Also, our national officials have extended the original the 15-days to slow the spread to an additional “30 days to slow the spread”. This includes continuing to avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people. This means our church will continue to be online only and we will not be hosting any on-site services or events during the entire month of April. This does not mean that church is cancelled until April 30 because we want you to continue to be the church outside of a building. It just means we will not be gathering back together for at least the next 30 days. We provide another update near the end of April.

March 25

Note of encouragement from leadership

Watch this brief video from Deacons Ken Rose, Danny Hilbert, and Jermey Campbell as they provide some encouragement and wisdom during this uncertain time.

March 24

Many of our small business owners are currently having a very difficult time as we all deal with the "social distancing" restrictions and the limitations that are now in effect state-wide in Tennessee. A concerned church member requested we forward some information that will hopefully be helpful to small business owners in our church and community.   Please share this information and follow the link below for more information ...

Thank you for supporting and praying for our area small businesses as much as possible.  

March 17

Who would have ever thought a few days ago, we would suddenly be facing a world-wide pandemic health crisis that has come upon us like a sudden storm affecting everyone?  Even though The Bible tells us calamities and perilous times are going to happen, it is surreal and unbelievable when we find ourselves actually living them out!

These are challenging times for all of us and we may have some very difficult days ahead, but by faith we believe the Lord will help His Church “pass this test”.  I Love My Church!  We have been blessed and inspired to see our Church rally together.  Over the past few days, during difficult moments, it was a blessing to get a simple message from many of you simply saying ... “I Love My Church”.  Well … now you have a great opportunity to put these simple words into powerful action. 

The coronavirus world-wide pandemic has thrust us into a national and state emergency. As of yesterday, the President of the United States and other officials have directed all citizens not to gather in groups greater than 10 people for the next 15 days. Since this is a very serious national health crisis and certainly not an issue of religious freedom, we want to be part of the solution by following their direction in an attempt to protect as many people as possible from this disease. 

 As of today March 17, 2020 and through Wednesday, April 1, 2020 …

  1. WORSHIP SERVICES will be on-line only on Sundays (10:45am) and Wednesdays (7:00pm). You can join the virtual services through, the Valley Forge app, and Facebook Live. If you cannot join us live, please go back and watch the services in our “Recordings on Demand”. This is a great opportunity to invite others to join you including family and friends. 
  2. SUNDAY SCHOOL, AWANA, C.T.S, AND SMALL GROUPS will be not be physically meeting at the Church. However, we strongly encourage our classes to stay connected through technology by phone, text, social media, etc.  We plan to provide online ways to keep your virtual classes and small groups together.
  3. ALL CHURCH ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, PRACTICES will be postponed during this time.
  4. GIVING will be online or by mail only. Please remember your tithe and offering is part of your worship to God and your Church is totally dependent upon the regular giving of our members and attendees. You can give in the following ways: 
  • Online confidentially and securely through the church website or church app. Click Here to Give Online
  • By mail to Valley Forge FWB Church; Attention: Clark Verran or Curtis Gentry; 1503 Riverview Drive; Elizabethton, TN 37643 
  1. THE CHURCH OFFICE is here to serve you during this time and scheduled to be open Monday – Friday (8:00am – 5:00pm) or as needed to assist our members and attendees. The phone number is (423) 542-5344.  For emergencies or after hours, please call (423) 213-9400 or (423) 895-4919.
  2. ASSISTANCE TO OUR ELDERLY AND SHUT-INS: The safety and health of our people and community is extremely important to us.  We encourage everyone to be aware of needs around them (especially with those who are older, shut-ins, handicapped, etc.).  If you need groceries, repairs, errands, prescriptions filled, or any other essentials, we have a team of volunteers who are ready to help you. You can contact the Church Office to either request help or be added to our Volunteer Team. 

 Remember, we are continually monitoring this situation and things are changing by the minute.  Please pray for us as we do our very best to keep you informed and take care of our people.

May I remind you today that God our Father has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  We have never been in these unchartered waters before, but we are confident that The Lord who calms the storms and walks on our troubling waves will speak peace to you today and remind you that He loves you and you also have a Church that loves and cares for you.   

Although this is a great challenge to all of us and a tough “test for the church” … it is also an incredible opportunity to get closer to God, closer to your family, and closer to your church family than ever before.   

We are being tested as never before so please remember Jesus promised we will prevail.  During this time, I encourage you to trade your selfishness for love, your worries for prayer, your complaints for thankfulness, and your panic for praise … as the Church has left the building let’s pass this test together as “WE LOVE OUR CHURCH”. 

- Pastor Randy