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Can't Keep It To Myself

Sep 17, 2023 | Randy Johnson

Have you every had something happen to you that was so good you just couldn't keep it to yourself? Today, we see how a leper challenges us to share the Gospel of Jesus!

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Sep 17, 2023

Sunday Night Singing with Gordon Mote Concert LIVE at Valley Forge Free...

If Our Gospel Be Hid
Sep 10, 2023

Are you a ''secret service Christian''? Paul says if we hide and don't...

Faith in the Fire
Sep 06, 2023

As our culture grows increasingly farther away from God, where will we...

The Big Picture
Aug 27, 2023

What is the Big Picture for your life? Last week we looked at how we...

The Impact Of One!
Aug 20, 2023

In our world today, many Christians do not take a stand or speak out...

Zoom Out
Aug 20, 2023

At times when using maps, we need to zoom out to get the big picture or...

Whatever It Takes
Aug 16, 2023

In Mark 2, there was a man that could not help himself, because he was...

God's "Go To" Leader
Aug 13, 2023

Moses was not always a leader. Leaders are not born ... they are made...

Trade Offs
Aug 13, 2023

Trade Offs are giving up of something in order to something else...

Family of Praise
Aug 06, 2023

Praise to God is very powerful and can fight our battles for us. Today...

Jul 30, 2023

During a national crisis, courageous actions are...

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