Sermons in: 2018 Services

Dec 30, 2018

Often this time of year, we make resolutions to change our habits and...

Dec 23, 2018
The Christmas Guest

The Active Christian Teens (High School) class presents their 2018...

Dec 23, 2018
Where's Jesus?

Someone stole Baby Jesus from a local nativity scene. This raised a...

Dec 19, 2018
No Wonder

When a group of church kids decide they want to go to the mall to sing...

Dec 16, 2018
Angels Say What?

Our 2018 Children's Christmas Program, "Angels Say What?"

Dec 02, 2018
No Room

When we think of “no room” during the Christmas Story, we automatically...

Nov 18, 2018

The difference between Grateful and Ungrateful is two little letters …...

Nov 11, 2018
Jesus is Passing By

Watch as Dr. Phil Hoskins takes us to four homes where Jesus passed by...