College & Career


Focus : College-Age Adults
Location : Room 120
If the devil has been telling you that Christians can’t have fun, we will prove him wrong in the first 5 minutes of our class! Come and join us on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. We try to be as real as we can with each other while we study the Bible and learn how to be the Christians that God wants us to be. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done in your past. We are interested in your present relationship with Jesus and your future serving His kingdom.


Focus : Young Adults
Location : Room 116
After years of diligence and hard work, it’s finally time to move from education to the daily grind. Where do you go from here? Join us on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights as we learn more about taking control of our lives and gain knowledge key to surviving our first years as adults. We periodically partner with other classes for service projects throughout the year to provide opportunities for leadership and learning. Your time as a young adult can be the greatest years of your life. Build friendships that will last and learn to make the right choices in your daily walk with Christ.