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Oct 18, 2020 | Randy Johnson

Has your life ever seemed to be "off course" and even worse "shipwrecked"? Let's learn some life lessons as we continue sailing with Paul!

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Warfare of Worship
Jul 19, 2020

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the "enemies" of today? So did...

Shade Trees
Jul 15, 2020

This heat and sunshine of this time in the summer reminds us how...

Jul 12, 2020

The letter from Paul to Philemon is a story of how God's mercy turned...

In God We Trust
Jul 05, 2020

In God We Trust is more than just a slogan on our money ... it should...

Shaken Together
Jul 05, 2020

When the world around us feels like it is shaking apart, it is a great...

Spiritual Distancing
Jun 28, 2020

We now live in a world of "social distancing" where we are to remain at...

Shaken Praise
Jun 28, 2020

Sometimes we think we can only praise God at Church ... however, we...

I'm Still Thrilled
Jun 21, 2020

The Apostle Paul knew how to stay positive during troubled times. In...

Shaken Church
Jun 07, 2020

God is shaking currently His Church and the faith of His people awake...

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