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Maximum Momentum

Jul 21, 2024 | Randy Johnson

Did you know as a Christian believer you have access to the most powerful force of momentum on earth? The Holy Spirit!

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It's Your Turn
May 21, 2023

It's graduation time of year and today we look at one of the greatest...

Only A Prayer Meeting
May 17, 2023

Wednesday evening services used to be called "Prayer Meeting" or a time...

Hall Of Faith Parents
May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day! We honor our Moms by looking the impact of a Godly...

Trying of Your Faith
May 07, 2023

Try your faith before it's tried. It's time to do a checkup on our faith.

God is Faithful
Apr 26, 2023

God's faithfulness is not dependent upon our faithfulness.

Hands on Parenting
Apr 23, 2023

The best thing we can do to help a church youth group besides getting...

When Jesus Appears
Apr 23, 2023

We have been looking at the appearances Jesus made after the...

My Father's House
Apr 19, 2023


Spiritual Heartburn
Apr 16, 2023

Do you ever get discouraged or disillusioned in your Christian walk?...

The Impact of Easter
Apr 09, 2023

The Resurrection of Jesus literally shook the world with a tremendous...

Watch and Pray
Apr 04, 2023

Watch and Pray. The church will be: 1. Pure 2. Prepared 3...

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