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Maximum Momentum

Jul 21, 2024 | Randy Johnson

Did you know as a Christian believer you have access to the most powerful force of momentum on earth? The Holy Spirit!

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Honor Your Mom
May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! While many are doing healthy things to extend and...

Southern Raised
Apr 28, 2019

Southern Raised, a group of award winning kinfolk, trained in classical...

The Seats of Easter
Apr 21, 2019

We conclude our study of “Seats” in the Bible on Easter Sunday! Today...

The Driver's Seat
Apr 14, 2019

As we celebrate “Palm Sunday” and the beginning of Easter Holy Week, it...

Seeking to Save
Apr 07, 2019

"For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost"...

The Enemy's Seat
Mar 10, 2019

Today our study of “Seats” in the Bible leads us to the one occupied by...

The Empty Seat
Mar 03, 2019

Today we start a series where we look at “seats” in the Bible. Our...

The Extra Mile Church
Feb 24, 2019

The Bible teaches us to be good to everyone but it doesn’t stop there...

Come Before Winter
Feb 10, 2019

Paul's exhortation to Timothy to "come before winter" is a stark...

Water the Camels 2
Jan 27, 2019

Last week, we looked into “The Extra Mile of Serving”. Abraham is...

Water The Camels
Jan 20, 2019

The Bible teaches us to go the extra mile in serving and working...

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